Ellowyne Wilde

The dresses in this category are made specifically for Ellowyne Wilde. She is smaller busted and a little thicker waisted than most of the other 16" fashion dolls, so her clothes won't fit them all. Some of her clothes fit New York City Ballet dolls and may fit other 16" fashion dolls, but to be sure about any specific dress, please ask if it will fit the doll you are buying it for if it is a doll other than Ellowyne herself, as I do no returns or refunds on my clothing.

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Ellowyne Wilde Doll Dress "Thinking Plaid" Ellowyne Wilde Dress "Thinking Plaid" Ellowyne Wild, Cami, Jon, Antoinette, Gene and Tyler--A dress in vintage plaid taffeta, so fine it feels like silk taffeta. Trimmed with black taffeta at bodice and on the faux collar. The dress fastens in the back ... Product Details
Gene Tyler Felt Dress Suit "Court Appearance" Gene, Tyler, Ellowyne Wilde Felt Suit Robert Tonner Ellowyne Wilde Dress Suit "Court Appearance". Perfectly conservative for a day in court, ... Product Details
Tyker Original Signature Doll 3 outfits Signature Tonner Tyler Clothes Clothes for the Original Robert Tonner Tyler--classic white blouse, black skirt& belt (three of these), 5 pair sunglasses, some tags, some portfolios and a couple of necklaces.All for one price! ... Product Details
Tyler, Ellowyne, Gene, & Others, White Stole White Faux Fur Stole Ellowyne, Cami, Antoinette, Gene, Tyler, Other 15.16" Fashion dolls White faux fur stole fits all the 15-16" fashion dolls. It is made of delicate faux lamb and lined with silk satin. It fastens with an elastic loop around a spark ... Product Details

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